Martin Bruhin, Architect FH/SIA

Bruhin Spiess, Architektur Recherche Illustration
Haus der Musik, Gönhardweg 32, 5000 Aarau
g +41 62 822 52 32, n +41 79 611 70 29

Office re-establishment

As of 1 September 2014, we founded the ‘bruhin spiess, architektur recherche illustration’ firm in the Haus der Musik at Gönhardweg 32 in Aarau, Switzerland.

Architecture and research are my primary focus. The subjects are deliberately painted in broad strokes, because connections and details interest me. I consciously keep my distance from complete construction and focus specifically on renovations, atelier constructions, experimental residential forms, small-scale settlements, city parks, small botanical gardens, bathing houses and teahouses… From architectural research to detail planning and manual implementation, I offer every step in the process. In this context and in active dialogue with the owner of the house, I see the sustainability of building.

The planning team naturally involves craftspeople, as well as specialist planners for larger projects. I recall the Bauhütte and the Studio Mumbai with pleasure. Above all, I am interested in the people and the place, augmenting their needs and offering solutions that combine aesthetics and craftsmanship. That runs from environmental design to the house and furniture to the picture frames.

I hope you enjoy immersing yourself in my stories and interconnections!

Martin Bruhin

Seraina Bruhin-Spiess, scientific illustrator

t +41 62 822 52 32, m +41 78 666 19 26

Skills & specialisations

I am a passionate designer, builder and writer with 14 years of professional experience as an architect and author. …

Price-conscious and aesthetically minded

Inexpensive, fast, beautiful, unique and environmentally sound – that is the innovation-driving formula of the construction industry. This discipline promises to make the impossible possible. I recommend a careful selection of these requirements: What is particularly important to me as the owner, resident and user, and what can be omitted? According to which criteria have I selected the planners/craftsmen?

Friends & networks

Intimate collaboration and inspiration for architecture, publication and craftsmanship. …


Our winning project Europan 7 in Fribourg was presented and discussed in the special issue of Hochparterre, Bauwelt und Tracés. …


My ancestors were Vals settlers – they took responsibility for their chosen environment and cared for it. Settling, in its truest sense, is not about possession and borders, but well being and being at one with nature. So I have thought long and hard about the distinction between perfection and due care. It is very important to me to be able to think about the needs …